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AASC Newsletter – July 2023

Kia ora AASC members,

Te Pūkenga consultations

AASC has been meeting with Peter Winder (CEO) and Keri-Anne Tane (Chief People Officer and DCE PCW) on a weekly basis during the consultation.

I can assure you they are committed to engaging with us and deal with any issues, large or small. They continue to profess they are wanting to respond to feedback as quickly as possible. That has been my experience when dealing with them. Therefore, if you have any specific issues, please email me, or a member of the committee, and I will raise it with them personally.

AASC will be making a submission(s), but we encourage you to give feedback about any issue which affects you, as soon as you can, so they can act on it and either give feedback or change the proposal. We can follow up on your behalf if you wish.

CEA Bargaining.

We are still to come to an understanding on the cost-of-living adjustment.  The AASC committee has discussed our counteroffer and agreed to present it to Te Pukenga.

I heard from the Te Pūkenga negotiation team this morning and they are considering our counteroffer as well as incorporating some of the agreed changes into a new document. However, nothing will be final until our membership ratifies it.

We are continuing to emphasise the current pressures on Kaiako. We are negotiating for the best possible outcome given Te Pūkenga’s current constraints. We continue to bargain in good faith and the relationship with Te Pūkenga is productive.


In the last Newsletter, I inadvertently mentioned Wednesday 16th of July as the date for the AGM. Thank you to those who picked up that the 16th is a Sunday and emailed me. It was meant to be the 26th. However, the Committee, which is meeting fortnightly during the consultation period, feels we have reasonable grounds to push the AGM date out to Wednesday 9th of August (12:00 – 2:00 pm) given the consultation will close on Friday 21st July and we are currently in CEA negotiations.

We have scheduled it for 12 – 2 pm in that day. The location is yet to be confirmed but we will provide a Teams link for those who cannot make it in person. As usual, AASC Committee will provide lunch.

I have informed Ara/Te Pūkenga People & Capability that his is the new date. They will inform managers. This is an official stop-work meeting, they must allow you to attend.

We will be providing documents (minutes, agenda, nominations for positions and notices of motion) in advance of the meeting. We will have electronic voting, as we did last year, so you will have time to consider the motions and vote without having to attend the meeting. This will hopefully preclude the need for proxy voting.

AASC Committee

I’m pleased to announce that Amy Curry has joined the Committee. As there are currently vacancies, we have appointed her until the formal process of elections, which occur at the AGM. Welcome Amy.

I would encourage you to think about putting your name forward for the Committee. Te Pūkenga have repeatedly indicate they appreciate our employment relations strategy and feel the relationship is productive and beneficial to Kaimahi and the organisation.


It is good to have kōrero about your concerns. Therefore, all Committee members are available if you have any issues you want to discuss, particularly regarding the current consultation and how it is impacting you. Please contact a committee member here .

Ngā mihi nui       

Warwick Shillito
Warwick is a senior lecturer in anatomy, physiology, pathology and image interpretation in the Bachelor of Medical Imaging. He also teaches clinical anatomy and pathophysiology to osteopathy students in the Bachelor of Musculoskeletal Health and Postgraduate Diploma in Osteopathy. His background is in psychology and chiropractic, having practiced for 10 years in Singapore and Australia. He has been involved with the union for over ten years and has been Treasurer, Secretary, Vice President and President over that time. He has experience with resolving a wide range of industrial disputes as well as being involved in a number of collective employment negations. He has two adult sons, both of whom live overseas. In his spare time he is involved in sport and the performing arts….even a dabbling in musical theatre from time to time.