About Ara Academic Staff of Canterbury

The Ara Academic Staff of Canterbury (AASC) is an incorporated society of academic staff solely of Ara Institute of Canterbury. It is, in effect, a site union. Members of AASC have their own Collective Employment Agreement (CEA). It is managed by a voluntary committee of members elected annually.

Key Membership Benefits

The AASC Collective Employment Agreement (CEA) has many unique features e.g. generous professional development provisions and institute leave which means the three day ARA Christmas/New Year close-down is not counted as Annual Leave

  • Highest academic salary scales at ARA
  • Provision to buy extra annual leave
  • Flexible study-leave provisions, after a qualifying time on the CEA.
  • Advocacy
  • Legal representation
  • Support
  • Collective bargaining
  • Advocating Health and Safety
  • Scope for part-time tutors to work up to 80% of the hours of a full time tutor.

Financial Assistance

According to the terms of AASC Rules of Association, financial assistance can be applied for, for members and their families (To support activities for the betterment of members and their families, Objectives 3 hs)

Following on from the AGM, the AASC committee proposes a certain amount the budget to be available for members who may require financial assistance with issues such as health and wellbeing,  community/sport/activities or self-development for themselves and their family members.

An application can be submitted for review by the AASC Executive.  The amount given, at this point, will be based on precedence set in the past to ensure equitability, the perceived need of the application and the total amount budgeted for.  

The committee is happy to explain their deliberation and reasoning, but their decision will be final.