Frequently Asked Questions

How much are membership fees?

See this page to view our fees.

How do I join?

Fill in the form. You also can contact our secretary Linda Toohey at

Who can be a member of AASC?

Basically, anyone employed by ARA in a tutorial or academic role. There are certain categories of employment which aren’t covered by AASC’s Collective Employment Agreement (CEA) and our secretary will be pleased to give you information about them. Please note that you can’t be a member of two unions at once

What are the advantages of being in AASC?

There are many. The one members find very attractive is higher salaries. Also, many are drawn by the opportunities offered by Academic Study Leave (ASL). There are two types of ASL. Type One up to and including 20 weeks, and Type Two up to and including 45 weeks. Paid Institute Leave is another benefit. This applies to the working days between Christmas and New Year when CPIT is closed. In effect, this amounts to 3 extra days leave a year. AASC’s contract provides for part-time tutors to work up to 80 per cent of a full time tutor’s annual teaching hours. This provision means part-timers can earn more on AASC’s contract. Apart from those material benefits, our members appreciate and support AASC’s commitment to working with CPIT’s management in a cooperative way. The convenience of collective bargaining and the support, if needed, of professional legal representation are added advantages.

What is on the radar regarding advocating for members?

We are entering the next bargaining round for the Collective Employment Agreement. You will receive emails regarding progress.

What is the AASC working towards?

The key role of AASC is to support employees, to ensure the employment agreement is upheld between employee and employer and to promote health and wellbeing in the workplace.

What events are coming up?

Coffee get togethers TBA After work socials TBA