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Please note that membership is not automatic upon completing this form. We manually review all applications and will be in touch with you about membership.

Who can be a member of AASC?

Anyone employed by ARA in a tutorial or academic role. There are certain categories of employment that aren’t covered by AASC’s Collective Employment Agreement (CEA) and our secretary will be pleased to give you information about them.

Please note that you can’t be a member of two unions at once.

AASC Fees Calculation

  • Full-timers:

    $364 per year split evenly over 26 pay periods (i.e. paid at $14 per fortnight).

  • Proportional:

    $84 per year plus the same proportion of $280 per year, split evenly over 26 pay periods (e.g. a 0.5 proportional tutor pays $84 + 0.5 x $280 = $224 per year, which becomes $224 / 26 = $8.62 per fortnight).
  • Part-timers and Casual: :

    50% of the full-time fee. That is $7 will be deducted from your wages per fortnight.