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Notice of change in AASC fees

As a result of the recent motions passed at the AGM on 3/8/22, the following fee structures for AASC membership will come into effect from 6 September 2022:

Fulltime staff will pay an Annual Fee of $364 that will be deducted from your wages at a rate of $14 per fortnight.

Part-time and casual staff will pay a flat fee of 50% of the full-time fee.  That is $7 will be deducted from your wages per fortnight.

Proportional staff will pay $84 per year plus the same proportion of $280 (= $364 – $84) per year, spit evenly over 26 pay periods, with a minimum payment of 50% of the full-time fee. For example, a 0.8 proportional tutor will pay $84 + 0.8 x $280 = $308 per year.  This will be deducted in 26 equal payments every fortnight, that is $308 / 26 = $11.85 per fortnight).  The following table shows the fees that will be deducted fortnightly for Proportional staff:

Gus Walkden
Gus started teaching at Ara (in the CPIT Department of Business) at the start of 2012, after working as a professional Business Consultant for over 8 years. Gus loves teaching and making a real difference in student’s lives as they come to study at Ara. Gus enjoys amateur photography, in particular macro-photography. Gus has a Masters’ in Business Administration (MBA) degree from UC and loves making accounting reports relevant and easy to understand for everyone involved in the business. As treasurer, his aim is to help AASC use their financial resources to maximise member benefits.